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Playful Use The playful use appears early, since the period of the lalao. The child emits sounds and if she hears same itself. It feels pleasure in this circuit that goes of the phonetic act to the impression acoustics follows that it. When the lalaes start to present crystallizations, and a structure if it sketches in these games, appears the ritmada repetition. Recently Robert Rimberg sought to clarify these questions. It is observed exactly palillica repetition of one fonema, or then of the grouping of several fonemas, forming a meldico reason that if it renews for more or less long time. This game of ritmada repetition that is, the principle, autonomous worker, evolves for game of repetition of fonemas emitted for that they surround the child. It plays to answer to a sound heard for what it knows to emit, whichever one and another sounds; but, as soon as the emitted sound if is similar to the perceived one, the game of the phonetic changes change for the game of the phonetic discoveries. Here the origin of the imitation is placed. A game of raised level more, that serves of base to the use representative, it is of the questions and the answers. Well before the child being able to fix and to use words, it asks the name of objects. It is not, however, a concern semantics primitively impels that it to this behavior. It assigns to objects an other after, with interrogative verbal expression, and the adult must answer to it. But little he matters to it, the principle, the reply; this if verifies in the fact of, many times, it not to wait the reply to continue its interrogation. When the child reaches the representative use of the language, continues to verbalizar freely, without if arresting to the rules...