Properties In Austria: Ski Resorts In The Market 1. What are the benefits of recreation in the mountains and the ownership of its own real estate? In addition to the very nature and its incredibly beautiful, calming effect on people, it's a very special atmosphere and air. Circulated the view that the mountain resorts - are interesting only in winter, but it is not. In the summer vacationers proposed mass action sports, not to mention swimming in the lakes (eg in Austria, some heated to 29 C). Summer in the mountains more comfortable climate, which is especially important last year when the EU has "overheated". If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Farrelly . And of course the winter season with skiing - a prestigious and a status sport, exciting for the whole family. 2. Does ownership property to save on vacation? Can I rent such property, including both the summer and how much can be profit from the lease? Like everywhere else - yes, of course, especially if you use it actively yourself. Renting of real Rentals in Austria is not a very profitable business, although well-organized short-term rental income can reach 15-20%. But the country has done everything that would legally limit the private sector from such a business: it is necessary obtain a license, ie effectively organize a mini-hotel, and this tax and reporting - additional spending. As a result - people are not buying real estate in Austria simply for renting, the market is not overheated, it stable and clear. 3. How many people will profit by reselling the property? Specifically, in Austria - and nothing can get, although it will depend on many factors.
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