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Renny Vega First it was a headbutt from Jimenez, Cichero and took on the line with Renny Vega defeated. Later, two Paraguayans to wood Suazo and Valdivia. Neither Borghi nor the thousands of Chileans in the grandstands could not believe it. Dnsa desperate Venezuela coach Cesar Farias, to see their directed water to the neck, ordered two changes, he reinforced his dnsa, who became six-man but neither still could stop the Chileans. A headbutt of Medel who saved Vega and an auction of Sanchez who also stopped the goalkeeper vinotitno were more ads. Both sought to Chile that came a tie to the end and was in charge of one of the pacifier Suazo prridos which had not been able to convert so far. He received a ball at the edge of the area and achieved a goal. Another lack launched by Arango, with the specialty of the House sent a dangerous Center, failed Bravo who gave rebound and Cichero pushed the ball to the goal. Now bucket of water Frost to the Chileans. The scene became more complicated still because Medel on the next play saw the red and for the first time in the Copa America Venezuela qualified to a semifinal. Technical data sheet: 1 Chile: Bravo; Contreras, Ponce, Jara (m.61 walls); Island, Medel, Vidal Jimenez (m.82 Munoz), Carmona (m.46 Valdivia); Sanchez and Suazo. 2. Venezuela: Vega, Rosales, Perozo, Vizcarrondo, Cichero; Lucena, Rincon, Cesar Gonzalez (m.89 Moreno), Arango, Maldonado (m.65 Seijas) and Fedor (m.60 Rondon). Goals: 0-1, m.34: Vizcarrondo. 1-1, m.70: Suazo. 1-2, m.80: Cichero. Referee: Juan Carlos Vera (ECU) which showed red to the Chilean Medel and the Venezuelan corner, and yellow cards to the Chilean Island, Contreras, and Vidal and Venezuelans Gonzalez and Lucerne. Incidences: Party corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa America, played in the stadium...