VisuMotion At CeBIT 2010 - Innovative Solutions In 3D The VisuMotion GmbH will be represented at CeBIT 2010 multiple. Hanover/Jena 19.02.2010 - which VisuMotion GmbH from Jena will be represented at CeBIT 2010 multiple. Thuringia booth in Hall 9 stand B-47 and the next level 3D stand in Hall 16 the Thuringian booth C31 present their complete solutions around 3D. The exhibition highlights include several new developments that the company its leader stresses role in the 3D this year. (Similarly see: Vanessa Marcil). The new ideas include the launches of a completely new developed and patented by VisuMotion 3D-Displaytechnologie. Two of these new 3D monitors are also can admire visitors at the main entrance North 1. Will be further presented a 2D/3D notebook with removable optics, which the user a breathtaking 3D experience at full resolution in 2D allows. Created the notebook in cooperation with 3D is JTVM Ltd., a Panel in Hong Kong of registered joint venture with the company JTouch Corp., a leading manufacturer of touch Taiwan. With the notebook keeps 3D increasingly moving into the living room. 3D so far mainly in the professional area such as E.g. advertising, was to meet science or industry, the notebook for the first time opened access to the Biotrend. The new game driver presented by VisuMotion at CeBIT DeepOutside3D.Z"provides the correct application for this market too. It enables the user to the application to the patent-pending conventional 3D stereo and or MultiView 3D monitors to play. The driver acts as a middle ware"between the application and the graphics card. The basic idea of the 3D of game driver is, all 3D applications generate not only a 2D image on the video card, but also a so-called depth buffer, in which for each calculated image the depth information is stored. The DeepOutside3D.Z stereo driver uses the 2D image and the...
Managing Director TecDoc is role model for Americans the American MEMA, Association of local automotive supplier, announced on February 11, 2010, that she has become shareholder OptiCat LLC, the US counterpart of TecDoc. The AASA, daughter organization of MEMA and Association of manufacturers of spare parts, will run the MEMA's commitment on their behalf. The MEMA is thus added to the previous shareholders TecDoc informations System GmbH from Germany and MindQuest from the United States. The MEMA is the only organization representing the North American producers of spare parts by the AASA. Therefore, is a leading role in OptiCat strategic significance. \", said Bob McKenna, President of the MEMA. We think that OptiCat will enable a much more efficient data flow in the aftermarket with the support of our members. This means a higher profitability for all parties involved. As shareholder and Member we want to represent the interests of our members in this important technology initiative and the Improve quality and speed of catalog and product data.\" Spare parts manufacturers collaborate on OptiCat to deliver their market well prepared data for electronic catalogs. The database allows traders to use a single source for all spare parts applications and to be able to identify the right spare part so quickly. The capital participation through AASA is fundamental for the success of the electronic parts catalogue OptiCat. \", notes Steve glove, President of AASA. This approach is undoubtedly the best way to increase sales and profit. We want to share this view with our members and their customers. \"All suppliers should contact the OptiCat program connect.\" there are just too many and too complicated processes in the distribution of data in the automotive aftermarket. This caused unnecessary costs and delays for all market participants.