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Adventure Activities In New Zealand Adventurer paradise par excellence, New Zealand has much more to offer besides relaxing and beautiful landscapes. In turn, it is the place where we can find more adrenaline discharge per square meter than anywhere else in the world. Without doubt, Queenstown, renamed as the world capital of adventure sports, honors his name more than. The various adventure activities that can be found in New Zealand may be typical of the country or extended also in others. Regard to which we know more, must consider New Zealand as a surfer paradise, since its shores, especially in the West, have very practicable waves that do not disappoint any lover of surfing, especially those who have customary practice in the Mediterranean! What we here call bungee jumping, Bungee Jumping, called is something typical in New Zealand, and people pulled with ropes tied to the feet from a bridge over a river, but also from atop the Tower of Auckland, the SkyTower, at more than 250 meters of altitude on the Ciudad speechless. Skydiving, jumping from a plane, rafting waters (black and white), kayaking, exploring caves, diving are other familiar activities that can be found in New Zealand by all parties. Although the true grace lies in local activities. And if not, I say the zorbing? Tucked into a padded ball, tie well within it, and release it so it rolls with you inside by a never-ending slope. To remove the first baby food, of course. Other activities of adventure? Well, we have the Fly By Wire, where one is mounted on a kind of flying apparatus with a turbine behind that is caught by a cable from a very high crane. When the motor is activated, this thing takes you to vibrating speeds in a pendulum motion similar to the pirate ship. Only...