Serotonin The importance of the problem of precocious ejaculation and the preoccupation, as much of men as of women to reach satisfactory sexual relations, has made that a special interest by the problems arises or dysfunctions that can make difficult or prevent the attainment of this satisfaction. Problems of sexual wish-interest, problems in the sexual excitation (like for example, problems to have or to maintain an erection in the man), problems referred to orgasmo (like for example, precocious or slowed down ejaculation), pain in the genitals in the sexual relations, impossibility in the woman to secure the penetration, dissatisfaction with the frequency of sex in pair, are some of more frequent sexual dysfunctions. The men who have a low amount of a chemical substance special call serotonin can have problems of precocious ejaculation. That is to say, hormones that are the substances produced by the endocrine glands (or also by epithelial and interstitial cells), that acting since messenger make activate components so that the organism adapts itself to the diverse alterations that take place in the external and internal atmosphere. For more information see General Electric. The Serotonin regulates the internal clock, maintains regulated all our functions to a certain rate. If it is tried in time, the precocious ejaculation is possible to surpass, and for all the degrees. To let pass the time trying that is going away to clear by itself, would aggravate the picture becoming in a sexual upheaval. Where the process of improvement and the recovery are much more complex and tedious. For more information see this site: star actress. It remembers that to repair his problem of precocious ejaculation, the fundamental thing is to forget the fear, to dare to look for a solution and to be arranged to take a continuous treatment of form. It...
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