Marrakech In Cinema (Film And TV ) The Moroccan city of Marrakech has attracted and inspired writers and directors of many nationalities to produce films of all genres. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Parker. Its vibrant, its undeniable magic and mysterious atmosphere have infused poetry in these filmmakers, who have captured their particular vision of this inimitable city and its many charms. Here I offer a second list of five films, documentaries and TV series shown in Marrakech. a 1. Hideous Kinky (Julia's Journey) (1998) Hideous Kinky is a Franco-British film based on a novel by Esther Freud, 1992. The film tells the story of Julie, a young Englishwoman of 25 years and free spirit, disillusioned with the grim conventions of English life and mother of two girls, Lucy, aged six, and the precocious Bea, eight years. The three moved to Morocco in the early 70s, living in a modest hotel in Marrakech, where they survive by selling handmade dolls and a few checks of the father of the girl. Search freedom, love and self discovery of Julia in this poor African country and the desert takes them to find the sweet Bilal, a Moroccan acrobat and con man who enters into an affair with Julia and just moving to live with them, making substitute father and girls. The film is a true visual feast that moves from the colorful and vibrant Jemaa El Fna to the extreme beauty, dusty and rough, the Atlas Mountains. a 2. Hundred Thousand Dollars to the Sun (1964) The Franco-Italian comedy adventures and persecutions is a classic that brings together some of the best French actors of the '60s, including Jean-Paul Belmondo, Lino Ventura and Bernard Blier, as well as Reginald Kernan American and German Gert Frobe.
Action Film The explanations on the subject you want to appear in the form of credits. What there are now film genres? If you just say, the movies are no generally accepted set of genres. In a question-answer forum san-antonio-spurs was the first to reply. A lot of modern films can not be attributed to any one genre, they are mixed comedy and action films, horror and science fiction, drama and thriller. But kinozhanrov system is widespread and accepted to the characteristics of film library. Genre Action points out that 'good to be with his fists. " The protagonist encounters with evil in its literal manifestation and, seeing no other way out, responds with violence. Happy ending - a mandatory attribute thriller. In classic movies, westerns action in the Wild West. Usually the conflict is brewing between a gang of crooks and a minister of the order, as in thriller ends up shooting. In adventure films is not as pronounced violence as a savvy and resourceful protagonist, he is trying to wriggle out of an original of stories and situations. The specifics of the genre drama is storyline, lots of dialogue or monologue. Mainly focuses on the conflict of man and society, resulting in his actions and deeds. Comedy - it's a funny genre, where the hero finds himself in funny, funny situation. The purpose of the film is a laugh, the audience, improve your mood and bring a smile. The film, which keeps the viewer in suspense thriller called. This genre does not have clear boundaries - it can be mixed and the horrors and science fiction and detective. By genre films - horror films are those that should scare the viewer, to instill in them a sense of anxiety and fear. The film also contains scenes often torn, bleeding human...