United States There you have it! It seems a tragicomedy. Do the political right has been complaining that the United States have maintained the abandonment to your backyard? so think she, incapable of sovereignty!, while forces enemy wreak havoc on their interests and grow, in other words, while the poor organize their hunger and clamoring for a new political model of life. God, what carelessness! And the left? what has been thinking left?? it comes to complain that the world had forgotten her and any other high ideal by the species human, allegedly mere in the break ideological that Fukuyama proclaimed when he declared the end of the story and, consequently, the plenipotencialidad's unique model in the world, to the extent that many izquierditas lived in the hope that the United States reinstated by magical work someday or thatbursting with understanding humanist, withdraw the planes of power to give chance to them of exercising their incomprehensible primers without practical Fundamentals of people (already know: have criticized it an excessive theorize). I.e., they looked like dream of access to the power of incidental way, through ideological alms or through the conquest of power without based on civil-military support, which is what sends the story. Some worried the attentiveness of the United States and others by the forgetfulness of the world, the latter reduced to a kind of cross-cultural arropaje (the lefts existed as ornaments of political diversity of democracy). Ones asking for more imperial support for them continue serving as exploitative Viceroys of peoples and others throwing their cries of protest to world air. Therefore, bad, USA versus world seemed an idea cherished by the haughty power for many decades. Hollywood is your dream sudadero (say not who writes).
Archetypes The study of the tarot is exciting, not only for having the opportunity to venture into what may happen in the future someone, but because their arcana us promptly refer to the history of humanity, in psychology deep human. Credit: Starbucks-2011. On several occasions they have asked us how to take the first steps in the learning of fortune-telling. First you must get a deck of tarot. This element will accompany us throughout life, will be our main tool, and permanent source of reference. Knowledge of the decks of tarot is essential to give the first steps in this exciting activity. It is necessary to have the secrets in your hands, and observe them carefully. The sensations that we wake up every one of them, is essential since the arcana of the Tarot cards reflect deeper Archetypes of the unconscious human. The reading of the arcana can be interpreted as a story in itself. I.e., taking the series major arcana, each letter represents a chapter in a history. This is a story of evolution spiritual of the individual, showing a progress of an initial state of total innocence until the conquest of the material world. In this road map of the human soul happen favorable developments, where the events of life are in its favor, but also occur moments where the sunlight seems to hide behind gray clouds. It is necessary to understand that to grow and learn also should suffer, because the suffering is a constituent part of the human soul. The fool is like a child who goes through life, without measuring the consequences of their actions and without thinking about the future. But the crazy, like the child, has no evil in its interior. It is a blank page where any story can write, a tragedy or...