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Greek Islands There is a line of cruise ships there outside that meets the need of each individual. A. below are presented some things that make each line or company unique. Carnival Cruises offer something for everyone and are ideal for those who travel on cruise ship for the first time. There are many different boats that depart multiple ports around the country. Airplane and cruise prices are available for those who need to fly to get to the outlet port. Destinations include: the Bahamas, Aruba, St. Thomas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Los Cayos, Cozumel, Hawaii, Alaska, Martinique and Barbados, to name only a few. Celebrity, is a company of more category. They have a sophisticated AquSpa aboard, as well as a collection of unique art that is offered on the ship Galaxy. These ships have received a 5 star rating for its cuisine (not food but kitchen) and include entertainment booths and an information centre. Radisson Seven Seas, the Seaborn cruises and Windstar offer a bit more than luxury that even the Celebrity line. The Radisson offers the the ultimate in luxury, offering smaller boats that have only suites available. At the same time they offer destinations only as Tahiti, French Polynesia, Antarctica, the Mediterranean and Europe. Windstar ships are all very romantic and sail to the Caribbean, the Americas, the Greek Islands and Europe. No matter what you are looking for on the vacations, either entertainment, relaxation, good food, or anything, a cruise offers all this at an exceptional price. The next time you're planning a vacation, do not ignore this great ship in port.