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Decembrist Uprising 200th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising 14 years, in 2025, there will come the 200th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising. 'Do I have to celebrate the anniversary of the Decembrists?' - The so-called article in Festschrift in 1925 the historian, MN Pokrovsky. Further, he also himself and says, 'Celebrate the need. " The ratio of the Decembrists served and is still the subject of scientific debate, and pseudo-scientific interpretations, an indicator of the 'revolutionaries or traitors gentlemen? " Splash for publications century rebellion led to the emergence not only of scientific papers, but also to other timed events in culture and other spheres of activity. One such event was the publication of a series of postage stamps: '100 years of the Decembrists 'uprising' represented in philatelic online store Phila Search Now anyone can go to this site and get acquainted with this series or to purchase it. In 1925, the 100th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising Senate Square in St. Petersburg was name - the Decembrists Square, which existed until 2008, when it was renamed again in Senate Square. What will happen to this area in 2025? Especially notable events related to the 100th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising occurred in Siberia. A collection of the Irkutsk Museum of Decembrists began to take shape in 1925. That same year, the provincial archives Omsk formed his first independent exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising. The names of the Decembrists got the streets, squares and towns. On the topic of the Decembrist uprising has written many articles, a film, set plays and debates about the role of the Decembrists in Russia's history does not die down and are unlikely to abate in the near future time. So whether you want to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising...