Linoleum On the other side of the sealing tape should be removed immediately before installation. Hedvig Hricak is often quoted on this topic. Now linoleum unbent back, aligned with the conventional roller or brush (to release the accumulated air) and remains in that position for some time until the tape is not fully to grips with the coating. Third, the most reliable methods - laying on the glue. It practically does not differ from previous technologies. Linoleum also placed on a prepared base, edge, unbent, but instead applied a special adhesive tape. After the linoleum is returned to its original position and carefully smooth out with a heavy roller or a bar. For application and distribution of glue on the surface best suited notched trowel. With the help of glue consumption becomes more economical. For a complete bonding, an additional trick. On the inner side of the linoleum on the base coat is applied. After drying the base plaster with putty and placed on his first painting. After that, well smoothed first painting, you can stick the rest pieces. Mastic can be purchased ready-made or a mixture of independently of varnish, ground chalk, and Portland (36:47:17 parts, respectively). Linoleum with risunkom If linoleum has a complex pattern, it is desirable to glue on paste or glue is good. You must first add a picture, leave allowances on the wall at least 8 inches, and put themselves cloth so that the seam they were lapped. After carefully laid on the linoleum base, and cut off all unnecessary edges, except those who are on the seams. On the walls and floor shall be marked to accurately determine the location of pieces of linoleum. Further pieces carried out of the room, and the first leaf with rear of the applied paste. Gently apply it...
Waste Disposal Exclude the possibility of misuse of allocated funds (funds transfer from one article costs for other activities). This is confirmed by the experience of different cities of the industrialized countries of the world. But despite all the progress in this direction (increasing the share of processing of solid waste dozens of times and as a consequence - reducing the share of transport costs, removal of most of the recycled waste outside of Moscow), this program has significant drawbacks: 1. When solid waste disposal is over all the standards at the landfill in 5 years is poisoning the land for a very large depth of: salts of heavy metals, toxins and dioxins, which are formed in places of tanning waste. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as movie actress by clicking through. At the same time is poisoning of groundwater, 2. Incinerators produce dioxins and furans. The combustion process of msw is accompanied by the formation of ash (a poor slag) with multiple excess of the maximum allowable by salts of heavy metals, dust from gas cleaning, the toxicity of which is 3 times higher than that of ash. When using sorbents for removal of dioxins have a problem with their burial. This requires spetspoligony 3. Export garbage to landfills outside the city is very difficult to plan in connection with the position of the population and local authorities, especially as it leads to pollution of land, groundwater and atmosphere, salts of heavy metals and toxic substances; 4. Under existing conditions at this stage of data collection, processing and storage of waste requires an ever-increasing and ever-increasing burden on the budgets of those responsible for this structure.