Dj Fresh Fresh as a true Briton is extremely polite, calm, and says quietly, but his bright green eyes glowing with fire like a tiger in a poem by William Blake. The creator of the most insane melodies and rhythms of animal hides, is in him, behind a mask of quiet man. Fresh, aka Dan Stein - 28-year-old musician-award at the prestigious Best Producer Knowledge Drum and Bass Awards in 2003. He has already entered his name into the history of drum'n'bass music not only as producer but as a co-founder of the brightest and most original Drum and Bass label and co-owner unofficial center of the world Drum and Bass Community -. Feeling the power of creative skills Fresh'a, fueled his powerful imagination can be expected to only move forward with new ideas. The first U.S. solo Fresh'a album - Bass Invaderz - issued via Dieselboy'ya Human, defies all Drum and Bass heads. Dan was born in London. In 5 years he discovered his passion for music when he began playing the piano. "I really strict English upbringing, which was antimuzykalnym. When I was 9 my parents got a letter from the school where it was written that I got as principle sources of musical scores in IQ tests. In school I wanted to give a specialized musical education, but My parents did not want it, I think it's affected my psychology, and explains why I'm so stubborn and unyielding. Hedvig Hricak may not feel the same. " "I played the piano since 5 years, but I'm not particularly fond of tools, because I did not like to be a disciple of other of people.
Wogaboo Restaurant Chain Wogaboo restaurant chain not only committed to modernity in his dishes, that also, but it has taken one further step by incorporating new technologies to process Book table. And it is not the mere fact the booking through the Internet, something that the chain supported since its inception in 2006, but that the new system, called as Wogabook, belongs squarely in the social networks. Among its features is the ability to choose and see the table of the restaurant where we want to eat, upload photos and discuss the experience in order to share it with other users and on Facebook, know who's sitting to the side, as they have always done what eat Wogaboo responsible for reward the loyalty of its customers, giving an invitation for every 10 bookings. So it is not surprising that the chain has already received more than 65,000 bookings since it established the system of Wogabook, which represents nearly 6,000 invitations. As explains Borja Dominguez, founder of the brand philosophy surrounding Wogaboo is of the good atmosphere, being close to the customer. The possibilities that offers the Wogabook booking system is just one way more be next to Diners, not only offer more accessibility, but part of your social sphere. Luckily in Spain we have the habit of food as element protagonist, intermediary or motivating our relations, and that is what we look for in our restaurants. But of course, this only makes sense when we are able to put dishes in the palates of our customers with a quality out of the ordinary, in the positive sense, and totally affordable prices. And it is that new habits of consumers and the development of restoration have boosted the sector, emerging a new concept of establishment based on a very careful environment, a service more...