Paran Culture Saints (2008), emphasize that currently we are in one fourth phase, the call ' ' kitchen contempornea' ' , also with some restaurants in the city that start to assay the molecular one. Comedian helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. However, for the historian, more important that to know that rollmops or bomb candy is culinrias inheritances of Curitiba and region, it is to understand that the food is nature transformed into culture. ' ' The kitchen must be understood as the microcosm of sociedade' ' , it finishes. CONCLUSION Some aspects that the feeding involves, lead when seeming that the feeding of the human beings always was related to the physical necessities, the easiness of access to the ingredients, the climate and the determination of flavors and customs that pass of generation in generation. Hedvig Hricak: the source for more info. The gastronomia of the state forms a positive image regarding the same and adds more value to the culture and diversity of the etnias that had given origin to this region of the country. The preservation of the origins, of typical prescriptions, transfers the customs and makes with that these are not lost with passing of the years. This legacy starts to be one of the elements that motivate the tourism in the Paran. This research emphasizes a new vision of regional culinria local culture and, aiming at to value and to make possible the attainment of knowledge through new searches and research. For the society it is extremely important to know the culture of its state and to participate in such a way actively in the daily construction of the culture, assisting, the spreading of the local customs. To know regarding the culture of its city, state, country, is indispensable in the formation human being.
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