Red River The training must be permanent carried through in all the levels of the company (MEZOMO, 2002, P. 351). In the evaluation of the item Production and transport of the food, the number of conformity for the UAN and UAN B had been 90.9% and 81.8%, respectively, disclosing a correct standard of adequacy. In accordance with Portaria CVS6, of March of 2008, the ways of food transport destined to the human consumption, cooled or not, must guarantee the integrity and the quality to hinder the contamination and deterioration them products. 3,1 ITEM THAT DO NOT APPLY the research showed that as much the UAN how much the B does not possess stairs, service elevators, mount loads and structures auxiliary. UAN B, does not use ice in the preparations. 3,2 FINAL EVALUATION Table 2 - general Evaluation of In agreement and not In agreement item TOTAL OF IN AGREEMENT ITEM NOT CONFORMESN.A. EVALUATED N % N % N % UAN 125 6753.6% 56 44.8% 2 1.6% UAN B 125 7560% 4838.4% 2 1.6% According to Table 2, enters the 125 item of the check-list, UAN B revealed adequate in 60%, while the UAN, only 53.6%. Both, according to ANVISA, classified in GROUP II, of 51 75% of adequate item. Freitas et al. (2003), when evaluating hygienical-sanitary conditions of food preparation in a commercial restaurant of Palms? YOU, by means of check-list they had concluded that the physical installations, equipment, storage and human resources had been presented improper for the food preparation. The results had shown relation with study of Sampaio, et al (2007), that they had analyzed Good the Practical ones of Manufacture in ten restaurants of the city of Red River, BA, by means of a suitable check-list the requirements of the RDC n. 216, the study demonstrated that these practical...
Right Language Recall, for example, as you learn to sculpt dumplings. You did not ask why the need to unroll the dough is so thick and it is this size, why the dumplings are round, not hex - you just watched at the hands of the master and repeated his movement! And after a while the dumplings you began to receive no less! Will say the wrong comparison? Very appropriate! See the video, repeat phrases, using the same gestures, waving his arms, sit down, stand up, speak louder or quieter - depending on what you see and hear, and you will be able to understand what was going on, even if not know all the words. Ways of learning foreign language, which helps. Repeated? Got it? Now try a similar situation to use these phrases. For example, you copy the man who was indignant at the restaurant, he filed a cooled dish. Check out comedian for additional information. Try to express what they saw and heard, their home for a family dinner (even if it is hot "piping-hot with")! I think that you will understand and not be offended .... Even better, if you have colleagues in learning a foreign language. Get more background information with materials from Brahman Capital. In this case, anyone can copy the behavior of a character and then work to reproduce a situation in which everyone plays their part. Stage 1. At the initial stage of learning a foreign language tapes should be of high quality and maintain a slow and distinct speech speaker. Once you learn to repeat words and the right accent (1-2 weeks), we can move on to the video course.