Pushkin Sea Special pride Azov Sea coast - the existing mud volcanoes, and lakes with mud, containing iodine, bromine, hydrogen sulfide. Here's the dirt and will be the most wonderful gift to all the fair sex! And so on jewelry yes to more of these colorful and exotic, exclusive, some are sold on the shores of the Azov Sea, will not give any woman! But if you are asked to bring a gift bottle with sea water, do not forget that the sea water stored briefly, and then do not be surprised when on the way back from you will turn up his nose with distaste neighbors coupe or coach, so strongly do not recommend! But you can bring the smoked fish! Azov - the richest in fish sea the ancient Greeks called it Meatidoy, which means "wet nurse". See more detailed opinions by reading what Saul "Canelo" Alvarez offers on the topic.. And living on the shores of the Scythians called him "a rich fish" - Kargulak. And to this day vacation on the Sea of Azov - a dream of a true fisherman. In the Azov Sea is found More than 70 species of fish. Sturgeon, roach, flounder, eel, perch, haarder, herring - a variety of fish you will not find anywhere else. For originality, you can take with them five different kinds of stuff. A unique take in the appendage Azov fault! It is widely known in Russia Taman wine a unique taste that explain special climate of the Azov Sea coast. For collectors of local history of literature (picture books about those places) to buy a couple of colorful gift books and greeting cards and stamps required! Baby please bring a magnifying glass, ship in a bottle or a captain's binoculars, and will look beautiful for a girl-Little...
Workshop Workshop of the Soul and body - the only center in Russia practicing technique 'dual guidance of hypnosis', which guarantees the fastest possible results in helping people control their habits and fears, as well as treat it, that can not afford traditional medicine! The effectiveness of hypnosis treatment is 95% successful and it is proven in the world! By using the technique of 'dual pointing hypnosis' with individual approach to each client, we helped hundreds of people to achieve their own success in controlling smoking, weight loss, or fear, and also see their future and to meet its second half. Breast augmentation, treatment of impotence, frigidity, infertility, warts - it is not an exhaustive list of what can be done with technology 'dual guidance of hypnosis', totally safe and natural way. None of psychotherapies can not guarantee rapid result, analysts can examine you for years, but that you do not feel better, why entertain someone's ambitions? In our center you will only have 10 sessions! 'Workshop of the Soul and Body' - a collaboration of professionals with great letters of Nicholas and Alexander Nikitenko Kononov. Our activity has been certified hypnotherapy training course at the Institute of Group and Family Therapy, led by MP Ginsburg, as well as the rate of work pain and dependent behavior directly from the Vice-President of the French Association of Hypnotherapy J. Becchio. In addition, we use the best practices of their American colleagues and thus offer a wide range of services. Alexander Kononov - a young, energetic, professional high level. Occupation of parents determined the future work of Alexander. Over the shoulders of two higher education - a pedagogical and psychological. While still in school, felt attraction to psychology and relationships between people, passion in consequence, has grown into the mainstream.