Design Hotel Santos Porta Fira The Hotel Santos Porta Fira is located in one of the areas of greatest development Barcelona, L Hospitalet - opposite the Fira Gran Via-, with unbeatable access to the Centre of Barcelona and El Prat Airport. Due to its excellent performance and its strategic location, it is one of the most recommended for business travelers. The new Porta Fira hotel, has a great attraction for the world of business, and not only because of its proximity to the airport, since it has 320 rooms and suites equipped with cutting-edge technology, wellness center, restaurant and an excellent staffing meeting rooms with a very versatile plenary room - 800 m2 diaphanous, Panel Mount and with a height of 5 meter -which allows you to celebrate any type of event. The peculiar Design Hotel Santos Porta Fira is designed by the prestigious Japanese architect Toyo Ito, well known as the author among other architectural designs, as well as also for having participated in the expansion of the Fira Gran Via of Barcelona. This modern, avant-garde building simulates a Lotus Flower, has 24 floors and a height of 110 metres, being recognized as one of the most emblematic architectural icons of the city of Barcelona and part of the Skyline of Barcelona. The hotel consists of 39 suites, 91 superior rooms and 190 standard, being able to find rooms from 62 euros the night. The innovative Wellness Center Gimnasio consists of saunas, 2 showers, ice fountain and 2 treatment rooms, offering an irresistible offer for those who wish to enjoy a pleasant stay. What are you waiting to know it?..
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