Workshop Workshop of the Soul and body - the only center in Russia practicing technique 'dual guidance of hypnosis', which guarantees the fastest possible results in helping people control their habits and fears, as well as treat it, that can not afford traditional medicine! The effectiveness of hypnosis treatment is 95% successful and it is proven in the world! By using the technique of 'dual pointing hypnosis' with individual approach to each client, we helped hundreds of people to achieve their own success in controlling smoking, weight loss, or fear, and also see their future and to meet its second half. Breast augmentation, treatment of impotence, frigidity, infertility, warts - it is not an exhaustive list of what can be done with technology 'dual guidance of hypnosis', totally safe and natural way. None of psychotherapies can not guarantee rapid result, analysts can examine you for years, but that you do not feel better, why entertain someone's ambitions? In our center you will only have 10 sessions! 'Workshop of the Soul and Body' - a collaboration of professionals with great letters of Nicholas and Alexander Nikitenko Kononov. Our activity has been certified hypnotherapy training course at the Institute of Group and Family Therapy, led by MP Ginsburg, as well as the rate of work pain and dependent behavior directly from the Vice-President of the French Association of Hypnotherapy J. Becchio. In addition, we use the best practices of their American colleagues and thus offer a wide range of services. Alexander Kononov - a young, energetic, professional high level. Occupation of parents determined the future work of Alexander. Over the shoulders of two higher education - a pedagogical and psychological. While still in school, felt attraction to psychology and relationships between people, passion in consequence, has grown into the mainstream.
Meteoplana These simple tips will help you to better withstand heat! In the summer there is a feeling that our lives not handle ourselves, and the weather. Heat, sun, hot asphalt ... The thirst of which something disappears, and the feeling is not to height ... What do you do? Use our simple advice! 1. Remember, heat and alcohol - are incompatible. This also applies to "glasses in honor of the jubilee," and the weakest of alcohol. 2. Avoid the heavy, oily or too spicy food. 3. Be careful during exercise, do not overload your body is too active exercise and training. Comedian takes a slightly different approach. 4. The heat should not engage in heavy physical work. But if you really want (giving waiting, etc.) - must wear a hat and not peretruzhdaytes. 5. Get a fan and air conditioning. In addition to cool the body to help cool bath or shower. 6. If there is a chance - stay home. 7. During or after the walk felt unwell? Urgent medical attention - especially children and the aged. 8. Drink plenty of fluids. But under no means a liquid tea or coffee (and certainly not lemonade), and ordinary water - 2-3 liters a day. Well, what do you choose? You will suffer from the heat, to cancel their plans, maybe even risk your health - or follow a few simple rules and to fully enjoy the summer and the sun? I think the choice is clear! Good luck! To keep abreast of the weather and know when to expect the heat, we recommend you use the site meteoplan.ru, which will give you an accurate weather forecast! The weather in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus from Meteoplana! Be careful on the street in the heat, better refrain from traveling! Your health in...