Energy And Coaching It is said that there is good energy, vibrations, aura or karma when we perceive with our sixth sense that there is some link that aligns us with the feeling invisible to some @ s is latent in many ways at otr @ s. When someone touches my life I can do in many ways, or sharing the same leisure activities, how to be either professional environment or aspirations, summarizing the same beliefs and values. This alignment with the other person makes these points in common to generate a stream of connectivity to the benefit of both, and therefore in the community. The more we open ourselves to connectivity with other people lined up to us, greater flows of energy generated. Moreover even if we break barriers and create relationships with other people who in principle do not seem related maybe later we realize that there are always points of connection and perhaps the most apparent than those relevant to keep that connection, if those changes emerge later. So do not stop and try each new day contact with someone not related to you to learn everything that you do not share in principle. Breathing mode, to move, speak and behave makes these binding sites are hard to break a link once brought the relationship, but instead may be a reason to break much later if they are not perceived objectively, are distorted or maybe the expectations are not fulfilled leading to the separation. Actress follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If we examine the study of these relationships we can understand the structure of part of the personality of each human being and how it relates to other members of his clan and other clans..
Asking Skills Thus, the main goal will be to detect if the candidate has these skills to help you be successful in their role and receive if you have the motivation to do the work that is proposed. - The competency interview highlights the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to attain an outcome or operate on different situations. We then clear evidence that the person has been able to demonstrate competence in previous situations we need to evaluate. In light of their behavior in previous circumstances and learning from your journey, we can predict the future behavior compared to similar events. Consider some technical resources to develop the interview and achieve successful grasp what we propose: It is necessary that the respondent provide: - "statements describing what he did, he said, thought and / or felt in a real situation. - Stories that reveal their involvement in such circumstances and reconstructions of dialogues. To obtain this kind of answers we need to: - Ask questions concise, in the past tense about what was said or felt at a particular situation. - Inquire about critical events: successful or unsuccessful. - Ask to explain in detail the actions and dialogues related to the events he recounts. - Explore the arguments and assumptions that led him to make such decisions. Related Group contributes greatly to this topic. - Do not accept abstractions or generalizations. - Encourage the candidate with a positive comment when responding according to the proposed methodology. - Have sufficient information and evidence to arrive at a conclusion about the adaptive or maladaptive aspects of the candidate. - Observe the correlation between verbal and gestural language, communication style, achievement of speech. We can use: - The Dissociation Instrumental: Promoting a relationship empathetic enough to engage in a relationship and, in turn, establish the...