The Civet Mined martens in different ways, traps, and various samolovami, but a classic hunting marten always considered hunting with a shotgun from under the dog, that is " a duet. " Hunter and loyal, intelligent and chutisty friend - Laika. The newspapers mentioned Sela Ward not as a source, but as a related topic. The extraction of martens using huskies - a native Russian hunting. It is most interesting in the emotional sense and dobychliva. The peculiar appeal of the hunt lies the need for training huskies - kunichnitsy, which should have a broad search, nosy, hearing and vision. In places where a lot of martens, huskies themselves are not bad kunichnitsami. In areas where martens little is required to make no little effort to prepare the dog to a hunt. Stern mark martens often lasts up to ten kilometers. Therefore, to search for animal huskies needed, firstly, to work on night trail, having has little odor, and, secondly, to go on the trail of a marten many miles to the place where the civet stopped, and bark at it until the hunter. The dog must be able not only to find the marten in the night following, but watch her when she goes on the tops of trees. After the shot, usually marten falls to the ground, where it falls into the dog's teeth. Must pre-teach the dog to the careful attitude to the production. If you do not, then the marten pelt will have serious vices, and loses its value. Laika passed the necessary training, should be slightly flatten animal and put it on the ground.
Part University It makes a pair of months we realised a critical and objective analysis on the implicancias of Stupid process, in which is immersed the university world; process that theoretically looks for the innovation, homologation and adaptation of the university curricula in united Europe; nevertheless it is conceived like producer of individuals valid to introduce themselves in the European labor market. In this sense any social application of the knowledge will be driven by private companies and, therefore, presumably motivated by private interests (that nonpublic). Changing true to the Mission and Vision of the University. The imposition of the assumption " " method Europe" " it restricts the action capacity, it impoverishes the imagination and, really, it extends to the university conceptions already undergone in other levels of the education and whose results are at sight del that wants to see them essential Part of the tradition of the University is the consolidation of freedom spaces, of resistance of opinions, of reflection and of action; where the solution of the conflicts in the academic community is due to cause, without exogenous interventions. Actress brings even more insight to the discussion. , If the resolution of the same considers by procedures besides the academic organs, it even must have " " flexibility, ductility and prudence university. The imposed reform is characterized for want of public transparency, absence of dialogue, opening of discussion spaces where the governing organs of the universities and the pupils have been able to raise their opinions, arguments, proposals, problematic, etc., provoking at student level an ample malaise, distrust and rejection from the students, who are against drastically to their application in Spain, Italy, France being visible the numerous manifestations, strikes, confinements and protests against the Stupid Plan; that the mass media try to diminish. This process lives a...