Balkan Peninsula However, the aim of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism is not only the development of quality tourism infrastructure of high class, but also the preservation of the environment and picturesque bays, the world-famous Greek islands. After analyzing the unfortunate experience of Spain, where the beautiful and green coastal areas were damaged and are built up with concrete, the Greek government intends to avoid these mistakes. In the new bill proposes to resolve the chaotic development in the coastal areas. Regions of special investment attractiveness Despite the general interest to Greece, there are areas that have special investment appeal. Among these regions can be distinguished, Halkidiki, Crete, the Peloponnese, a suburb of Athens and other Halkidiki peninsula of Halkidiki has a favorable geographical location in the north of Greece, just 50 km from the second most important Greek city of Thessaloniki, which is located at the intersection of all sea and land routes that pass through the Balkan Peninsula and is one of the most important commercial and industrial centers Balkans. It is in Thessaloniki, the largest conducted in southern Europe, cross-industry exhibition. Here is the crossroad of road, sea and air routes through the Balkans. Halkidiki, without exaggeration, one of the paradises land and is currently the most popular destination, both among the Greeks, and among foreign property buyers and investors. For assistance, try visiting actress. Nature has created ideal conditions for summer holiday: clean water Aegean Sea, about 500 miles of continuous beaches, pine forests. 34 beaches received Blue Flags of the peninsula for the cleanliness of coastal waters, safety, leisure and well-developed beach infrastructure.
Munich Car Sunny Cars: First forecast of the travel year 2010 also means 2010 travel year give it the car rental booking gas. Munich, August 7, 2009 also the travel year 2010 says give it the car rental booking gas. No relaxation sunny cars, one of the largest vacation rental brokers in Europe, offers views of the current capacity constraints in the top holiday destinations. Travelers must book still early and in time to secure the desired vehicle for the holidays", advises Kai Sannwald, Managing Director of Sunny Cars. As so-called broker", Sunny Cars has no its own fleet of rental cars, but collaborates with local partners to over 5,000 resorts in more than 90 countries. In its forecast for the persistent shortage of rental cars, Kai Sannwald relies on current developments in key markets. Individual local providers are advised in a very tense situation. On one hand the car industry has adapted their production and produces significantly fewer vehicles, to the the banks of still more restrictive lending to hedge the rental car fleets forgive others", explains the expert who directs the fortunes of the Munich car rental agent for 18 years. Many vehicles used in the second season, must be retired and replaced with new cars, what economically represents a further burden on the provider." Especially the destination Spain with a drastic shortage of rental cars is currently facing. About 40 percent of fewer holiday cars are available here", Kai Sannwald stressed. Also in Portugal and Greece reduced the fleet offer to 20 percent. Kai Sannwald recommends travellers to go even more safe in the car rental booking and as early as possible to book the holiday cars. If you book in advance, ensures not only the desired car model, but also price advantages. Especially for the high season we...