The Legend Of The Monkey King Martial Arts In one of the oldest towns in ancient China there was the village of warriors where monkeys lived a great warrior of countless battles, in this extraordinary warrior was given the nickname of the Monkey King, his courage and his countless exploits but time does not back down and the sunset gives room for the night. It also gives youth transition to adulthood, the warrior was getting older, thus deciding to depart to live in as much as possible hidden in the village along with his granddaughter. Thus, the bold warrior from noise was becoming a legend through the years. Real-estate developer brings even more insight to the discussion. Later between new generations of warriors monkeys there was a young warrior who was already in possession of several victories in wars. His talent was as big as his vanity. He was in the central square of the village taking a fight against another young warrior who is beaten savagely with the look of the town and in the eyes of the elderly. "I am the greatest warrior of the village, will have me as their king and pay tribute. But the old man the village as a repudiation of the young cocky answer "You'll be very strong, but you'll never be over Mono Reya , and where the Monkey King as a child that I've only heard lies and I proved I'm the best fighter in existence. The destination is the circumstances and vanity darkens the heart, is where the fund get to see the young granddaughter of the Monkey King who has fruit and food, is taken by the young warrior, "ATU! You should know where the Monkey King is lead us to the "You're wrong in my house my grandfather lived alone and I have never seen such...
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