Tyutchev Griboyedov Fiction is an art, designed to shape public consciousness for generations to keep their moral values. Do these pose a challenge to present-day authors, of whom formed countless, doubtful. Moreover, writers, and unfortunately, many of them go into the light, were clearly separated from gender. Originated literature feminine and masculine. It's almost that as diapers for girls and boys. One more convenient in these, others will feel more comfortable elsewhere. It is impossible to imagine that both could be talking about the prose of , Tolstoy, Bunin, Nabokov, on the poetry of Pushkin, Lermontov, , Tsvetaeva. This is, without any doubt, the luminaries, the classics. Their contribution to world literature is precious. Who of contemporary poets and novelists can say that it will be read, quoted and a few years? If you walk around in the backs of books, exposed on the shelves of bookstores, then focus on two - three authors. Now we are talking about those who began to actively publish in the last few years. Of course, their books can be seen in the hands of people whiling away time in the subway, long trips, but this reading in a hurry, without searching for meaning in dry matter - silly plot, which is difficult to tell, and it will evaporate from memory as soon as it turned the last page. Special thanks say about those, sorry my liberty, who books, real books, not read at all. They began to try to discover themselves the objects to emulate in these textbooks that teach their sophisticated techniques conquering men, capital city, gaining all the benefits by skilled sales itself. That's me on the so-called ladies' romances. Men are more often written with the speed gun Pulp Fiction, short stories, a variety of fantasy with a bias in inferno. Authors...
Counted Cross Stitch It's great when it all - a lovingly selected and presented to your notebook with a fluffy Cat at the cover! :) Go to notepad You can handle and all there to pick up colored markers. Read more here: Adam Sandler. You can stop your eyes and a beautiful book to record recipes. What else is creativity? Well, of course modeling, painting, crafts, music, photography and more a lot of these good for the soul and useless for farming things. Well, if you know what this list is keen or able to be carried away. But there are things that will suit almost any housewife, regardless of its temperament, love for a lazy pastime and intelligence. These things do not belong potter's lathe and easel! This is for enthusiasts and professionals. But the perfect set for embroidery. And let it, even a needle in a hands have never held. Counted Cross Stitch - the most simple technique, its development will take a maximum of half an hour. And there will be a great chance that soon her entire apartment will be littered with needles, thread, scraps of mat and printed with computer circuits, and the walls will be strongly missed. So you can make a real revolution to its small gift! And if you are very practical - give a sewing machine: it is often lacking in the economy. If properly not learn to sew, so at least his pants will be on than hemming. And maybe patchwork master! :) If for any handmade work of women from the time school hours of labor were vaccinated aversion, it is entirely appropriate creative gift will be a synthesizer or MIDI-keyboard. Many housewives have studied in music school or singing karaoke at one time.