New Kids Club They have of a large team of professionals who will attend and will care for all the franchisees. Investment is around 60,000 euros, with an included 20,000 euros entry fee, and a royalty of 5% on the invoicing. In addition, the franchise has reached collaboration agreements financial with BBVA to facilitate the entrepreneurs funding on preferential terms, both in maximum funding amounts, which shall be based on the requirements of the franchisor in terms of own resources, such as periods or interest rates and commissions, as well as products and/or financial services that might require its franchisees for the development of its future activity. As a novelty, the entity engages in the development of business financing investment in 7 years to allow the franchisee a needed liquidity in the early years. The New Kids Club has an own method, contrasted over 10 years of experience. It is a comprehensive Center of education for children aged 1 to 15 that offers a service of quality thanks to a methodology own that guarantees very good results to the students, not only in training, but also in values. For children, these centers are a world thought, created and decorated for them, where you will find a stable and balanced environment, good friends, the best professionals and, especially, a deal close, custom and full of affection and motivation; everything that we need so that they grow up healthy and happy, confident of themselves and with a good self-esteem. For parents, it is a space where you can find security and the care their children need and where it can receive the support and advice they need in terms of the development of the smallest of the House..
Tyutchev Griboyedov Fiction is an art, designed to shape public consciousness for generations to keep their moral values. Do these pose a challenge to present-day authors, of whom formed countless, doubtful. Moreover, writers, and unfortunately, many of them go into the light, were clearly separated from gender. Originated literature feminine and masculine. It's almost that as diapers for girls and boys. One more convenient in these, others will feel more comfortable elsewhere. It is impossible to imagine that both could be talking about the prose of , Tolstoy, Bunin, Nabokov, on the poetry of Pushkin, Lermontov, , Tsvetaeva. This is, without any doubt, the luminaries, the classics. Their contribution to world literature is precious. Who of contemporary poets and novelists can say that it will be read, quoted and a few years? If you walk around in the backs of books, exposed on the shelves of bookstores, then focus on two - three authors. Now we are talking about those who began to actively publish in the last few years. Of course, their books can be seen in the hands of people whiling away time in the subway, long trips, but this reading in a hurry, without searching for meaning in dry matter - silly plot, which is difficult to tell, and it will evaporate from memory as soon as it turned the last page. Special thanks say about those, sorry my liberty, who books, real books, not read at all. They began to try to discover themselves the objects to emulate in these textbooks that teach their sophisticated techniques conquering men, capital city, gaining all the benefits by skilled sales itself. That's me on the so-called ladies' romances. Men are more often written with the speed gun Pulp Fiction, short stories, a variety of fantasy with a bias in inferno. Authors...