Mateus Chapter Evangelho de Mateus Chapter 4, versicles 16, 17, the word describes you that the people who was seated in darknesses saw a great light; to that the region shade of the death were seated in the light bordered. Since then, Jesus started to nail and to say: You repent you, because the Kingdom of skies is fond. in the Evangelho de Mateus 9,10-13, happened that, being Jesuses in house seated to the table, had arrived many publicanos and pecadores and had together sat down with Jesus and its disciples. the fariseus, seeing this, had said its disciples: Why it eats your Master with the publicanos and pecadores? Jesus, however, hearing, said to them: The sos, but yes, the sick people do not need doctor. IDE, however, and you learn what it means: Mercy I want and not sacrifice. Because I did not come to call the right ones, but the pecadores, to the repentance. Jesus considered them a parabola (Lucas 15. 3-7) saying: That man amongst you, having one hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave in the desert ninety and nine and does not go after the lost one until it comes to find it? E, finding it puts, it on its shoulders, full of joy; e, arriving at its house, convokes the friends and neighbors, saying to them: You cheer to you with me, because already I found my sheep lost. I say you that thus it will more than have joy in the sky for a pecador that if repents, what for ninety and nine right ones that they do not need repentance. In contrast of what the world waited to see the Messias to border in gold cradle, with great power, honors and glory, as the kings of the land of the men...
Forbidden City In the historical chronicles have mentioned about a person Bian He, that meant someone who was part of Jade - a priceless treasure in history: "a beautiful piece of jade can be more precious than fifteen cities and human life. " Jade was as precious and hard as jade. Real-estate developer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Jadeite contains an iron component which imparts a shade of red, or it contains chromium, which gives the shades of green and many Other shades that are revered, like the "king of jade ', it was the most expensive kinds of jade. Jade and jadeite, to distinguish the intricate because of the content of tremolite. They are classified by color: white, gray, green, topaz and black jade. In China's most revered jade from the province of Liaoning. Jade is the so-called Hetian, was so firm that could scratch the glass. His is a huge boulders, example of this huge hill of jade weighing 5.35 tons, which was applied carving. This artwork can be seen in the Forbidden City. Serpentine jade, or Xiu mined in the county Xiu yan province of Liaoning. Because of the content of many components, it can be different colors: white, yellow, light yellow, pink, green, light green, dark green, etc. This kind of jade colored various shades of green. Usually serpentine jade translucent or even opaque like wax. Lantian jade is mined in Lantian County, north of of Shaanxi. He is among the most fascinating ancient jade, which are amenable to easy handling, and which is often used in decorating.