Marilyn Manson For some people the notion of "chic" or "glamor" exhausted sequins, fur and pink silk. For someone - pearls, heels and little black dress. And for someone - and today it is about this choice - soft leather, cool luster of the metal and matte silver hue, the original cast of accessories and precise, restrained lines. Recent decades has successfully proved that the reckless world of rock 'n' roll can also be chic and glamorous (Let these words and cause ridicule from prominent members of the rock hangouts). Here like functionality combined with originality, here used as decorations symbolic message here appreciate the comfort, combined with shocking sense of humor. And to all the above requirements fully meet the exclusive and expensive brand Shrome Hearts (chrome hearts"). Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. Mark Shrome Hearts was founded in 1989 by Richard Stark. Initially it specialized in functional and stylish leather goods - clothes (especially pants and jackets) and accessories, for riding. Over time, designers brands draw attention to other areas of life and fashion - and significantly increased range. So in brand appeared handcrafted jewelry, collection optics and sunglasses, leather clothes and even furniture. In the nearly 20-year history of its brand products have repeatedly exhibited in museums in New York, London and Tokyo and won awards of international design competitions. Who wears chrome hearts Among the admirers Shrome Hearts - Cher (it even shot for a specialized directory names), Marilyn Manson, Anastacia, disgraced by Britney Spears. A band the Rolling Stones and do take active part in creating and designing one of the latest collections of leather garments and ornaments made of precious metals.