TRASH Short Film Festival 2009 TRASH IS BACK! THE MOVIE EVENT OF THE YEAR IS COMING! On Saturday, 26 September, the makers of Famusfilm.de finally present the long-awaited TRASH short film festival 2009 venue of this erotic action-comedy-horror spectacle is the Berlin culture cinema Babylon Centre. Real monster true guys of hard babes. It may be again laughed, cried and cheered, when mainstream cinema in shadows is the new generation of self-certain filmmakers. Once again hundreds of film entries the organizer of the TRASH's short film festival have made a new, topical cinema program in the extra class on the legs: no eye stays dry guaranteed 27 fantastic short films with real monsters, real guys and hard babes here! It is amazing with what imagination these filmmakers produce great cinema. Jorge Perez may not feel the same. Intentionally exaggerated stereotypes, brilliant acts and visible trick mechanics reminiscent of pioneering works of good old B-movies. "Style and subject of our films, hammer on the pulse of the time completely forward with." (Florian Feldmann, Festival producer Famusfilm.de) There remains only one thing: you convinced yourself of the qualities of cinematic madness. The TRASH-short film festival for an absolutely fair VVKspreis from 8,50 EUR and the AK for 10,00 EUR is experiencing. Tickets and program information on TRASH short Info: TRASH short film festival on Saturday, the September 26, 2009 at the cultural cinema Babylon Mitte 2009 once.. Additional information at real-estate developer supports this article.
The School Also logotipo was considered to the pupils the one creation to represent project of the group and through voting between the educandos was chosen logotipo. The elect work was displayed in the mural of the classroom. The pupils had brought images and texts with information on the water for confection of the posters to be displayed in the school. Another activity was the creation of the Agents of the Water, responsible pupils for the comment of the use of the water during the recreation of all the groups. Each day the teachers chose three pupils. These had made to the comment and later, they had told in the room for the colleagues, the situations of use of the water throughs and bathrooms at the moment of the recreation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Boxing champion and gain more knowledge.. This activity had as objective an order of contribution to all the too much pupils of the school, so that they prevent the bad use of the water in environments of access to the same ones. The pupils had created, in pairs, pamphlets of awareness of the use of the water, that had been deliver for the too much groups. Such pamphlets contained information on the cares with the water and what we must make to preserve it. Later, another research it was carried through with the family of the involved pupils directly in the project. Two questions were proposals: You believe that the drinking waters can finish one day? You have the habit to save water? The alternatives for the questions had to be answered through yes or not. With the return of the research, the pupils under orientation of the teachers had elaborated a table with the answers and the results displayed you wall in them...