World Of Music And Illusion The main reason for inhalation of solvents are hallucinations, like dreams. These dreams can be both pleasant and threatening, but always very bright and colorful. Often collected in a drug-addict group of several people to become members of the same "dream". In the sixties of the twentieth century has seen first victims of substance abuse and substance abuse was then identified as a new kind of addiction. Inhalation of volatile organic solvents mainly interested in children between the ages of eight and sixteen years, and this "hobby" bore, and still is widespread. The most frequently used inhalants - glue, paint thinners, dry cleaning fluid, lighter fuel, gasoline, nail polish - have gained popularity among children from poor families and low-cost availability of free sale. This bias is mainly develops from the interest or peer pressure. Although inhalant abuse is widespread, but, for example, poor people in developed countries and concluded far greater abuse these substances. Nitrite is also very popular among homosexuals to enhance sexual arousal. There are few signs that it is easy to determine nyuhacha (so referred to substance abuse) is swollen red eyelids, impaired gait and speech, similar to alcohol intoxication. The main reason for inhalation of solvents are hallucinations, like dreams. But the initial intoxication in pairs similar to alcohol. "Nyuhach" feels nice sound in your head, lift the mood, warmth and relaxation. Then the mind loses its clarity, the actual environment is perceived illusory. Objects change their shape, colors appear bright and deep, and sounds unusual.
Live Music What is a holiday event? What is the difference of these holidays, that special about them? Why is it so happens that party for friends at unpretentious musical accompaniment is much more energetic and happier than the thought out the event on which cast a lot of material resources and training? What is the secret of successful fun, memorable events? Let us dare together to understand this question. Probably all of us at least once faced with the problem that the hopes and expectations of an unusual and fun activities were not confirmed. In preparing the banquet has its own characteristics, as elsewhere. And even if all prepare responsibly - to make an order in a nice restaurant room, think about the menu, not focusing on the economy, to prepare a dance of the parties, the desired effect can still not be forthcoming. And maybe everything will go wrong, and fun - not to be. Why is this happen? The answer is quite simple: the program is not the same! For what would a holiday get a really funny, must be properly entertained. And this does not necessarily make vovose program is too busy all sorts of artists and compact rooms. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez can aid you in your search for knowledge. Finance izrashoduete you a lot, but this holiday and can not get it. For normal development and celebrations is usually sufficient lead and live a normal group. Everything. If you call me good professionals, success is sure. Facilitator will oversee the mood of the public in a timely manner to offer funny jokes, joke, to tell jokes. But when the guests , it will become invisible and go into the shadows. Conversely, if the event will fade, professionally put the whole matter. and, of course, important leader when...