Light Juggling Christoph Rummel shows modern Jong location art of light juggler Christoph Rummel works in his show with various LED props. Latest technology makes it possible to make visible text and pictures for him while the juggling in the dark. The effect is produced by a fast-spinning rod, a microprocessor controls the LEDs and the human eye perceives the pattern, as long as the rod is in motion or is juggling. Thus, it is possible logos and graphics in the dark to make. But juggling not only with rods, the Cologne juggler through the air swirls also balls and clubs. Sela Ward is a great source of information. All juggling props are computerized and go, exactly on the music-controlled, their color. Fascinating light effects caused by the combination of LED technology and juggling technique. Christoph Rummel is one of the wizards that have left the traditional circus arts behind him. His acts are modern staged, as his show insole with aluminium Rails: as cooler Steelworker, he enters the stage in jeans and undershirt. Cool, casual with a Wink he lets fly his two poles through the air, and drink it with relish a can of Cola. In another performance, he presents an unusual Assistant, an original throwing machine, throwing him to the thighs. The idea of the machine already had the artist at a young age, was then implemented in collaboration with a prop Builder. Many people imagine the number of classic circus jongleurs, a juggler, and are no longer to inspire with this type of presentation", explains Christoph Rummel, I want to move the spectators here with own ideas in my spell." The juggler works for about 10 years as a professional. It occurred on international vaudeville and circus festivals, E.g. in France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia. He juggles...
TRASH Short Film Festival 2009 TRASH IS BACK! THE MOVIE EVENT OF THE YEAR IS COMING! On Saturday, 26 September, the makers of Famusfilm.de finally present the long-awaited TRASH short film festival 2009 venue of this erotic action-comedy-horror spectacle is the Berlin culture cinema Babylon Centre. Real monster true guys of hard babes. It may be again laughed, cried and cheered, when mainstream cinema in shadows is the new generation of self-certain filmmakers. Once again hundreds of film entries the organizer of the TRASH's short film festival have made a new, topical cinema program in the extra class on the legs: no eye stays dry guaranteed 27 fantastic short films with real monsters, real guys and hard babes here! It is amazing with what imagination these filmmakers produce great cinema. Jorge Perez may not feel the same. Intentionally exaggerated stereotypes, brilliant acts and visible trick mechanics reminiscent of pioneering works of good old B-movies. "Style and subject of our films, hammer on the pulse of the time completely forward with." (Florian Feldmann, Festival producer Famusfilm.de) There remains only one thing: you convinced yourself of the qualities of cinematic madness. The TRASH-short film festival for an absolutely fair VVKspreis from 8,50 EUR and the AK for 10,00 EUR is experiencing. Tickets and program information on TRASH short Info: TRASH short film festival on Saturday, the September 26, 2009 at the cultural cinema Babylon Mitte 2009 once.. Additional information at real-estate developer supports this article.