Volxmusic Album The new album from trough Lauer Buam - heavy Volxmusic - die2te cheeky and fresh! Rock and traditional! From the Upper Palatinate, they come and have left a distinct scent mark of the heavy Volxmusic in the German music scene with their first album. Thus, the trough Lauer Buam invented a new genre! In the past 12 months, the band reached more than 200,000 listeners in nearly 90 appearances. \"And they did it again now: her new album will be released just in time for the legendary fan meeting in Kemnath (on July 4) heavy Volxmusic the 2nd\". Margaret Loesser Robinson has much to offer in this field. No other band manages to be as generational. Whether ZDF television garden, the great summer open air with Marianne & Michael, or MTV home - the trough Lauer Buam are everywhere welcome. \"Twelve months after her successful debut album heavy Volxmusic\", managed by zero on position 47 of the charts present the rocking leather braces now an once again very illustrious mix party-ready songs, but also the occasional piece for heartache ver steherinnen. This front man Thomas: We develop the songs together with our producers, spoof great passion and filing so long, until all are satisfied.\" One of these producers is idle, also known as the mastermind behind the successes of the womanizer such as Rudolf. \"The band will not shy away from an inevitable comparison with this hit guarantor: the audience is certainly similar to and if we success come here sometime in the direction of philanderer would, well, then we would not complain safely...\" Pie in the sky in the truest sense of the word, but: after all, the six followers of earthy rock music in their home are absolute idols that greet thousands of fans per concert in the...
Media Control Charts Taucher - a German word - marking dive (diver). dj Taucher - endowed with extraordinary talent and intuition, he selects and creates exquisite melodies of trance. Endowed with outstanding talent and skills, he knows how to clubbers across night. His key to success - his ability to move, to get the crowd during his performances. In addition to these skills Taucher likes to communicate with the audience. Taucher may suddenly appear, hanging upside down (as he once did in the legendary Dorian Gray in Frankfurt / Germany), rises high on the stage during a Mayday or megareyva Nature One, or take up the ballet directly from the dj console. Before he stepped into the scene as a dj in 1992, he was a tireless activist Techno, organized a big party. Soon producer Torsten Stenzel, stormed the European charts with nuke, who started the labels Planet Love, Liquid and Crash, Taucher invited to his studio. They met, talked, and from that day began their remarkable and wonderful friendship. Their first two singles 'Happiness' (1992) and 'Atlantis' (1993) have such a huge impact on "the underground scene, that Sony Rec. signed them in 1994. The following singles 'Fantasy' (1994), 'Infinity' (1995) and 'Miracle' (1996) paved the way to the top of the Top 100 Media Control Charts (MCC) in Germany. As a consequence of the new album 'Return to Atlantis', which was released by Sony in 1996. Legendary dj and producer Paul Oakenfold was so impressed by the new tracks Taucher 'Waters', which he did mix-compilation, entitled 'Global Underground'. Taucher remix single 'Ayla' in 1997 - it was a worldwide success for Taucher and Stenzel as the leading trance duo. There were others working with Faithless, Robert Miles, Cherrymoon Trax, Culture Beat.