Nokia Music Easy to set up your E-Mail account. Connections via Gmail, Ovi mail and mail for Exchange. * fast write e-mails about the full keyboard. With the calendar simply organized a finger print on the calendar icon and your calendar items are synchronized and brought up to date. The tag in the handle: task list organize and take advantage of important dates reminder features. To adjust at any time the home screen to your needs such as to invoke the calendar with a single touch. Individual useful applications, widgets, and media are just a touch away. Contacts and communications access directly from the contacts icon in the home screen. Stay connected via phone, email, feeds, chat, instant messaging and widgets. With widgets, such as by Facebook, social-networking pages access. With Ovi contacts together remain. * high quality videos on the large 16:9 widescreen touch screen with diagonal of 8.9 cm (3.5 inch) or look at the TV output on the TV. The 5-megapixel camera records high-quality 16:9-on videos that you can share with friends online. Videos on the go download and stream. You always have your favorite videos thanks to 32 GB internal memory. Effortless control of music features on the touch screen and direct access to music on the home screen. 32 GB of internal memory can accommodate all of your favorite songs. Music with Nokia Music manage for the PC and copy. * excellent sound quality through headphones, which can be connected via Bluetooth wireless technology or the 3.5 mm jack plug. The great touchscreen is ideal for gaming. The side buttons can be used to control game functions. "The game guitar rock tour" is already included. Expand the possibilities of your Nokia N97 with individual and relevant content. More than just programs: widgets, ringtones, pictures, videos, games, and...
Choosing Ringtone I would like to tell you about a free online program to cut songs. Support multiple music formats: mp3, wav, wma - makes this a universal service. Some contend that actress shows great expertise in this. It can be used as a converter wav format and wma to mp3, ie in a format that is supported by almost all models of mobile phones. The availability of the attenuation (gain) tone at the beginning or end of a musical interval distinguishes the service from similar. With this options are normally snip the song turns into a quality ringtone that is not afraid of sharp sound at the beginning and does not irritate the unexpected ending. The advantages of the program also includes an unlimited number of ringtones. In some services, you will be able to allocate only a certain time interval (30 seconds, for example), while this program does not limit you in this. Thus, your ringtone will not break off in mid-sentence. Well Of course, it should be noted ease of use. Do not need special knowledge to cut the music, all that needs to be done - is to click multiple times: Download this file - the first click Choosing the required segment melody using cursors - scissors - second click Clip file - the third-click Thus, only a few clicks and your desired ringtone is created. Of course, this program is to cut the music and not without flaws. In it, for example, no functions "normalize audio" and you can not edit Id3 tags. Therefore, use it as a professional music editor is unlikely to succeed. Thus, for professional editing of music works, I would advise to use other programs, but to create ringtones - only this service.